Support and Empowerment

Promoting meaningful and fulfilling lives for people with intellectual disabilities



What We Do

Stewarts Care is committed to providing persons with an intellectual disability with the services that they require, irrespective of their level of need. Person-centred services are provided, taking cognisance of the person’s dignity and rights, and based on an assessment of need and the services requested. The principal object of the Company is to provide optimum services promoting the education, wellbeing, dignity, health and happiness of people with an intellectual disability. These services are to be provided in the context of their individual and family needs and those of the community.

Adult Services

Residential & respite services for those over 18 years old.

Children Services

Early services for children from birth to six years of age.

Clinical Services

Supporting service users to live a healthy life.

Social Enterprises

Training, education and employment opportunities.

Stewarts Family Network

Stewarts Family Network is the coming together of family members to support service users in Stewarts Care.

Ways To Help

Without the generosity of our supporters we would not be able to provide our service users with the quality of life that they deserve. We would like to thank all for their continued support through the years. You can read more about our supporters, and find out how you can make a difference by visiting our Fundraising or Volunteering pages.

Make A Donation

If you wish to help Stewarts Care by making a donation, please follow this link.

Stewarts Sports Centre

Stewarts Sports Centre in Palmerstown was developed as a resource to provide special hydrotherapy sessions and leisure facilities for persons supported by Stewarts Care. Apart from meeting these requirements, the Sports and Leisure Centre has developed into an important community resource for people living in West Dublin.