Stewarts Family Network is the coming together of family members to support service users in Stewarts Care.

The group hosts a coffee morning on the last Friday of each month at 10.30am in Rossecourt Day Centre. This is an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet for an informal chat.

During the year members of the Executive Committee meet with the Stewarts Care CEO on at least three occasions. This gives the Network the opportunity to discuss topics and issues raised by our members.

The Executive committee meet on the last Wednesday of each month,

The current Executive Committee is as follows:

John Hynes - Chairperson

Stephanie Coen - Secretary

Hazel Baker - Treasurer

Stewarts Care is working to establish more family involvement which will be represented on Family Engagement Committees.

John Hynes , Eugene Foley and Dermot Mullen are family members on Stewarts Care Board of Directors.

Stephanie Coen and Damien Douglas are family members on The Respite Committee.

Damien Douglas is a family member on the Human Rights Complaint Officers Working Group.

The Family Network is always encouraging family members to get involved and our AGM is held in November annually.

If you wish to make contact with us, please email us on:

Members of the Family Network Committee

Meet the Members

John Girton - Chairperson

John has been involved in Stewarts Family Network since 2022 and was elected Chairperson in November 2022. He is Step Dad to Ciara who attends Rossecourt Hub .

Hazel Baker - Treasurer

Hazel has been a member of Stewarts Family Network since 2018, her Son Joe attends a Hub in Palmerstown. Hazel was elected Treasurer in 2022.

Stephanie Coen - Secretary

Stephanie is one of the original members of Stewarts Family Network since 2000. Her daughter Rachel attends The Coachhouse Hub in Palmerstown. Stephanie is also the parent rep on the Stewarts Respite Committee.

John Hynes is involved in Stewarts Family Network since it was formed in 2000, he served as Chairperson and retired from the position in November 2022. John is also a Family member on Stewarts Board of Management since 2014, he is Chairperson of the Complaints Committee, member of the Research Ethics Safety Risk and Policy Committee. John’s son Leigh attends Kaizen Hub in Palmerstown.

Evelyn Taylor was elected to the committee in 2016, and her daughter is in Residential care in Stewarts.

Frankie Dalton was elected to SFN committee in 2018, and her son Conor attends day services in Rossecourt.

Sheelagh Ryan is a member of the committee since 2022, her son Terence attends day services in Palmerstown Hub.

Deirdre Banfield joined the committee in 2022, her son David attends the Beehive Hub in Palmerstown

Carol O’Meara is a member of the committee since November 2022, her son Mark attends New Routes Hub

Paul Skelly was elected to the committee in November 2022, his daughter Ciara attends New Beginnings Hub in Palmerstown.

Anne Walker joined the committee in 2022, her son Stephen attends the Kaizen Hub in Palmerstown.

Declan Kenny joined the committee in 2022. His son Lorcan attends Stewarts School.

Clarie Barnwell is a member of the committee since 2022, her son Alan attends day service in F2, in Palmerstown.