Caoimhe Mahady

There is no end to Caoimhe Mahady’s education and sporting pursuits at Stewarts Care. Over the past three years, she has participated in multiple training educational programmes including FETAC level 3 modules in catering, dining room service, art skills and lifestyle programmes.

Caoimhe is very involved in the Special Olympics. She is an avid bowling player with the Metro bowling club where she attained the title of All Ireland champion. Caoimhe is also a breaststroke and front crawl swimmer and has won various medals for the 50 metres regional games over the past number of years.

In addition to her sporting ventures, Caoimhe is participating in further training programme in Café Kaizen, a busy restaurant at Stewarts Care that caters for up to 150 customers every day. Caoimhe is responsible for preparing the restaurant, monitoring the till, processing customers transactions, merchandising and maintaining the general hygiene of the café. Caoimhe is also based in Stewarts Sports Centre where she developing more customer service skills in the Jumping Bean cafe. Both members for the public as well as service users pass through this café every day. Caoimhe thoroughly enjoys her responsibilities & interacting with customers in all her roles.

Caoimhe is already planning for her future and is currently completing her programme with the Obair Jobs Club where she is preparing her CV and learning interview skills. Her ultimate goal is to put all her learned skills to good use by achieving part-time employment external to Stewarts Care.