Gerry Hegarty

Gerry Hegarty has been living in Stewarts Care since 1969 when he arrived from Galway at the age of 16.

Gerry takes great pride in being an accomplished Special Olympics athlete. He is a medal and trophy winning athlete for the motor activity training program which he is passionate about. The Special Olympics events are focal point for him and everyone at Stewarts Care support him at all his events. Gerry is also known for his creative side and is considered an accomplished artist. You can see a lot of this work displayed throughout the corridors of Stewarts Care and in his own bungalow.

Gerry has a great sense of humour and is extremely witty. He enjoys acting as the ‘Director of Operations’ in the bungalow and he loves keeping on top of things. He is a true animal lover and owns his own pet cat. There is never a day that passes where he won’t remind staff to feed him. He is always sneaking the cat in his bedroom window to sit on his lap. If you catch Gerry with the cat, he will habitually try and hide the cat under his jumper and make a joke of it!!

Gerry leads a busy and fulfilled life at Stewarts Care driven by his own sense of purpose and great sense of humour.