Joan Maguire

Joan Maguire, who is celebrating her 48th birthday this year, arrived at Stewarts Care when she was five years old. Over the past forty-three years, Joan has been involved in all aspects of Stewarts Care life. It is clear from speaking with Gerard O’Brien, a staff member in The Beehive Restaurant, that Joan impresses everyone she meets. It is little wonder that everyone has “a soft spot for Joan” as her bubbly character is infectious.

As a current member of the Special Olympics swim team, she displays a great interest and enthusiasm for positive involvement in sporting activities. She is a regular user of the gym, a member of the local walking club and a participant in aqua aerobics. While hailing from the Lily-White county, she is a true blue at heart and her hero Dean Rock (Fundraising Manager at Stewarts) inspires her to be the’ best she can be’. Her annual trips to Croke Park are occasions which she looks forward to and enjoys in the good company of her friends.

Aside from her busy sporting schedule, Joan is a shop assistant in the local flower shop, Clarkeville and assists in the Stewarts Sport Centre. Joan leads a busy and fulfilled life at Stewarts Care driven by her own sense of purpose, her lively personality and a positive outlook.