Margaret O'Grady

Yesterday, we caught up with Louise Butler who is currently ‘Person in Charge’ in Stewarts Care. Today we wanted to talk to her about Margaret O’Grady – better known as ‘Mags’!

Louise has been working with Mags since she arrived. Originally from Kerry, Mags moved to Stewarts Care when she was six and has been living at Stewarts Care since 1956. Whilst Louise is the designated ‘Person in Charge’, Mags enjoys playing role reversal and acting as Louise’s boss and on a daily basis she will check the roster and make sure that there is always enough staff on.

According to Louise, Mags is an “absolute character”. She has a loving, caring and sociable personality. She loves going on road trips with Louise and loves to be in charge. She also enjoys playing the role of ‘mum’ at her bungalow. She carries out all the chores from setting the table, emptying the dishwasher and clearing the dishes.

Mags is the ultimate fashion icon and looking well is important to her. She is always decked out in the finest jewellery from necklaces to bracelets. Mags loves to go shopping in Liffey Valley especially when coffee is involved! Only recently she spotted a fur coat in New Look from miles away and bolted straight towards it leaving Louise behind! She is extremely well known around the community and people are always talking to her.

“If you met Mags she would steal a bit of your heart.” Louise says