Martin Cronin

Martin Cronin, originally from Ballyfermot will be celebrating his 69th birthday in the next few weeks. Martin has been an independent resident here in Stewarts Care since 2013. Martin works in the grounds department in Stewarts Care where he maintains and cares for the allotments and he grows a wide range of vegetables including potatoes, cauliflower, kale and lettuce.

Martin currently lives in a community house in Adamstown and everyday he travels by bus to Stewarts Care. He is a regular visitor to the Coach house café where he stops for a coffee and bowl of fruit every morning. Martin lives a very healthy lifestyle and he likes to look after his health and wellbeing. On Tuesdays, Martin works part time in Homebase helping in the garden department, assisting customers and watering the plants.

Martin enjoys spending time with friends and family and occasionally on the weekends he visits his family in Ballyfermot where he loves to mind his brother’s dog Elvis. Aside from his love for horticulture, Martin has a hidden musical talent and he loves to sing and dance. Martin is known at Stewarts Care for his sunny nature and people say that a day never goes by where Martin doesn’t have a smile on this face.