Richard Curtis

Kathleen O’Brien is a Senior Nurse at Stewarts Care. As well as caring for service users she also has a role in preparing service users for long term independent living and integration within the community of Palmerstown.

Kathleen tells us about her work with Richard who came to Stewarts Care at the age of 15. Kathleen describes him as one of the most “amazing and wonderful characters” that has become involved with so many people at Stewarts Care.

He is a very independent character who likes to make decisions for himself and enjoys getting involved in all activities. Richard is renowned for being Stewarts Care “Sports Personality of the Year”. He is involved in all sports including swimming, basketball, bowling and even the walking club!

Richard has great support from both the Stewarts Care staff and his family. When he participates in the Special Olympics in Santry, his relatives are always there to support and cheer for him.

Aside from his sporting passion, Richard loves music. Every second weekend he is accompanied to the city centre to attend gigs in Whelan’s pub on Wexford street. Richard loves to be part of the action no matter what he is involved in.

Kathleen, along with the rest of the staff at Stewarts Care, clearly all really enjoy Richard’s lively company. “You come in in the morning and you meet Richard, and instantly he puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day” Kathleen explains.