Robbie O’Brien has used the Stewarts Care Services for 50 years, he came to Stewarts when he was 3 years old and has lived in many of the on campus and community homes.

Robbie’s favourite memories in Stewarts Care is when he was a child living in the Woodlands “there was lovely people working there, all my friends lived there and I have happy memories from there”. His earliest memory of Stewarts was a staff member named Mary King “she was very kind to meand welcomed me into Stewarts”, he remembers himself and Mary going to the swings which made him feel happy to be in Stewarts.

Robbie’s current goal is to move from Stewart’s campus out to the community, preferably to Clondalkin. When asked why this was such a big goal for him Robbie said “because I am independent, I like to do my own thing. I don’t need to live in Stewart’s campus, I’m able to travel on buses by myself”.

Robbie has been a member of many of the Stewarts Services throughout his life, he worked in Café Kaizen, The Coach House, and The Beehive and currently attends a day service in Mill Lane 5 days a week. Something that Robbie is very proud of is his involvement in the Service Users Council, Robbie has been voted in as a council member numerous times and has input into many initiatives that have helped bring up the standard of the service.