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About Us

Stewarts Care Ltd. is a voluntary organisation providing comprehensive community based services to people with an intellectual disability since its foundation in 1869.

Working with service users and their families, we are committed to developing a broad range of services and supports that help to ensure happy and healthy lifestyles and quality experiences to 775 adults and children.

In addition to the care, education and vocational training provided through statutory funding, Stewarts strives to present optimum lifestyle choices in the areas of recreation, arts, sport and cultural opportunities which present real choices to service users.

These services are predominantly delivered in the community of Dublin Mid Leinster, in partnership with the Health Service Executive.

Working in programmes from pre-school to primary and adult education, we have been fortunate in securing the services of a dedicated and accomplished staff for whom the “family of Stewarts” is a real, vibrant and cherished entity.

Stewarts has a proud tradition of innovation in its attitude to the development of residential accommodation for those in our care.

Originally (since 1869) Stewarts operated an institutional residence in the historic main hospital on the Palmerstown Campus.

In the early 1970's the organisation commenced its community housing programme and now manages in excess of 30 individual community homes spread throughout local communities. Parallel to this initiative, Stewarts built 25 housing units in a village like environment on its main campus in Palmerstown. 

Current policy is working to support residential accommodation in the community that enables our service users to experience increased levels of personal independence and meaningful engagement with local communities.

Stewarts Campus'