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About Us

Rights Review Committee

Ireland was one of the first countries to sign the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the U.N. Headquarters in New York on March 30th 2007. This marked a major milestone in the effort to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all Human Rights and fundamental Freedoms of Persons with Disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity.

Stewarts Care has set up a Rights Review Committee to promote and protect the Rights of those who avail of our services.  This Committee was established in June 2014 as per recommendations from Stewarts Rights Policy. 

The launch of our Charter of Rights took place on the 10th November 2014 by Ms. Freida Finlay, a member of the board of Directors of Stewarts Care. 


The role of the committee is to support staff in understanding the rights of the individuals they work with and to enable them to exercise their rights.

The committee is also responsible for ensuring that due process has been followed wherever an individual’s rights are restricted.

The committee must also highlight any rights restrictions observed and bring to the attention of senior management and to advise the chief executive. There is a responsibility on all of us, service users, parents, family, staff and supporters of Stewarts Care to promote a rights based approach to our work. There is a particular responsibility on our staff and in particular our frontline staff to promote and protect the Rights of those with whom they work. Under a rights based approach our Service Users are our Primary Clients and all our decisions and actions must be in their best interests. Where Service Users are unable to articulate or demand their rights staff, have a responsibility to be their voice and advocate. Ensuring all our Services Users can live their life to their full potential is the basis of all our work. We are here to ensure rights are secured and enhanced and come into our own when the restriction or absence of rights is highlighted.


The present members of the committee are:

Eddie Darcy (Chair)

Damien Douglas

Tom Stewart

Elizabeth Mannix

Robert O’Brien

Eddie Denihan

Siobhan Kearins

Joan Rapple

Lorraine Carmody

Jacqueline Flanagan

Pat Martin

Yvonne Herd

Adeline Quinn

Barbara Wright (Administrative Support)

Other members who have contributed to the Rights Review Committee – Ann Byrne.


In order to raise awareness of the individual’s rights and to support the staff to promote our Service User’s rights information will be circulated on a regular basis.

There should be a copy of the Charter of Rights in each area and the Rights Restriction form is currently available in the Document Library on the Communities page of the Stewarts Care website. The forms are also available from the Persons in Charge of each of the Designated Centres.


What can be referred?

Accessibility: I cannot move around my bungalow independently

Education and employment: I cannot access a day service that suits my needs

Personal Support Plan: Do I have my own Personal Support Plan? Does it support me to work towards achieving my full potential?


The committee can be contacted via Barbara Wright @ and completed Rights Restriction forms can be forwarded to her.