22 Nov

Night at the Oskars

The event is called Night at the Oskars and will be held at the Citywest Hotel on Thursday 22nd November. The event will be run by the KR events company.
8 different groups consisting of 8-10 people per group will choose a movie they wish to film with the KR events team.
Each group will receive acting training by the KR events team one day a week for 3minutes for 4 weeks.
At the end of the 4 weeks training the movies will be professionally produced and shot across campus or in the local community.
Each groups movie will be shown for the first time on the night of the event to the audience (Friends & Family) in the Citywest.
Each group will walk the red carpet on the night of the event and get snapped and interviewed along the way.

The MC on the night will be 98FMs Adrian Kennedy. 3 Celebrity judges will also be on hand to give their thoughts and opinions on each movie. To find out ways to help or get involved on the night please contact dean.rock@stewartscare.ie