Stewarts Family Network is the coming together of family members to support service users in Stewarts Care.

The Network was set up in 2000 by family members to fill the void for family support in the Stewarts Care system.

The group hold coffee mornings on the last Thursday of each month at 10.45am in Rossecourt Day Centre. This is an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet for an informal chat.

During the year members of the Executive Committee meet with the Stewarts Care CEO Brendan O’Connor on at least 3 occasions. This gives the opportunity to discuss the relevant topics and issues raised by our members,

The Executive committee meet on the last Wednesday of each month,

The current Executive Committee are as follows.

John Hynes. - Chairperson

Stephanie Coen. - Secretary

Moira Skelly. - Treasurer

Beth Graham, Evelyn Taylor, Maeve Scanlon, Hazel Baker, Damien Douglas, Patricia O’Reilly, Una Barrett, Brid O’Neill, Frankie Dalton, Sarah O’Keeffe.

Stewarts Care is working to establish more family involvement which will be represented on Family Engagement Committies.

John Hynes , Eugene Foley and Dermot Mullen are family members on Stewarts Care Board of Directors.

Stephanie Coen and Damien Douglas are family members on The Respite Committee.

Damien Douglas is a family member on the Human Rights Complaint Officers Working Group.

Family Network 2000 is always encouraging family members to become involved Our AGM is held in November annually.

If you wish to make contact with us, our email address is: