Cents-Ability 2024:

Showcase your ability...

it makes CENTS!

Stewarts Foundation is delighted to launch our new annual fundraising campaign, Cents-Ability!

We are asking individuals, schools, clubs, and corporate groups to host an event or take on a challenge to showcase your ability this December.

Stewarts Care’s mission is to empower and support individuals with different abilities to have an enriched life experience based on their own decisions and life choices. We are passionate about recognising and celebrating different abilities and want you to join us in this mission!.

What can you do to support Stewarts Care?

What can you do to support Stewarts Care?

Cents-Ability is an exciting initiative that encourages people of all ages and abilities to share their skills and passions with others or take on a challenge to test their ability.

Are you an artist, athlete, baker, craft-maker, or performer? Maybe you have a secret talent or are part of a club that can make a difference. Schools and corporate groups can celebrate students and employee skills to make an impact!

Below are some ideas on how showcasing your ability can make CENTS and support services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism.



Artists: Set up an online raffle to WIN one of your pieces

Athletes: Take on a new fitness challenge that tests your abilities such as Dip a Day in December Sea swim or a Step into Christmas mission to complete 10k steps a day in December.

Bakers & Craft-makers: Sell your festive creations at Christmas Fairs or online through your personal social media platforms and donate a % of sales to Stewarts Foundation.

Performers: Share your talent with new audiences through live busking or an online performance using a donate now payment link.

Skill Sharing: Organise an in person or online tutorial to share your knowledge or top tips i.e. Christmas Party Makeup Masterclass, ‘Spring gardens are made in winter’ –  Gardening Workshop or Festive Cookery Class

Schools & Clubs

We understand that many schools and clubs are fundraising for their own projects. Cents-Ability can be a joint 50/50 fundraising effort. All monies raised will be split to support your own mission and Stewarts Foundation – sharing is caring!

Suggested events: Talent shows, nativity plays, carol singing, performances, exhibitions, exceptional student award ceremonies and Christmas fairs.

Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups

Cents-Ability is an opportunity to give back to the community while acknowledging your employees and customers. You can achieve some of your Corporate Social Responsibility goals by getting involved.

Suggested events:

Employee Recognition Awards Coffee Morning - (can be for fun or genuine acknowledgement)

Secret Talent Shows – Organise an open mic evening event for your staff to surprise their colleagues with unexpected performances!

Festive Bake-Off

Group physical / fitness challenge i.e. run, walk, cycle, swim combined distance challenge from your office location to the North Pole!

Purchase Power Event – Donate a % of sales on a day in December from your business to support Stewarts Foundation.

Cents-Ability is an annual campaign that will take place every December. Consider organising your fundraising effort in recognition of International Day of Persons with Disability on the 3rd of December 2023!


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