Build your Employee Connection and Company Culture

Stewarts Foundation is actively looking to partner with organisations that are passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We would be delighted to work with your team.


Our Corporate Engagement Programme welcomes employees from corporate companies to volunteer as a team in one of our service locations.

This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to complete a worthwhile project outside of the office and make an organisational impact. Using their corporate volunteer hours, groups will take on tasks such as; gardening, painting and cleaning to improve facilities for the people we serve.

A team volunteering day is an easy way to breath goodness into your workplace culture. The aim of our programme is to help colleagues connect in an informal setting, achieve a shared goal and become more knowledgeable about people with intellectual disabilities and autism in their communities.

How It Works

  • Our Corporate Engagement Programme runs annually from March – December
  • Corporate teams are matched with an appropriate project based on group size, volunteer capacity and time of year
  • A detailed plan of activity is agreed in advance
  • All necessary protective equipment will be provided including gloves and tee-shirts
  • Volunteer lunch and transport are organised by the visiting company
  • Employees volunteer under their own company public liability insurance
  • Volunteers work alongside people from our service where possible

Stewarts Foundation endeavours to facilitate all group requests and preferences. The safety of all is our main priority. Stewarts Care Infection Prevention and Control guidelines are in place in all services.


Stewarts Foundation is seeking to collaborate with businesses or corporate entities that share our passion and commitment to sustainable social change. We believe challenges are better addressed when businesses and non-profits align their interests, share resources and work together to achieve common goals.

We recognise that engagement is not a one-way street. We will work with you to create a co-owned strategy ensuring employee engagement and realistic expectations. A good partnership can help a charity and corporate extend its reach and impact much faster than if it acted alone. We are confident that we can help you achieve your CSR goals and have fun at the same time!


Stewarts Foundation relies on the support of our corporate community to help us achieve our fundraising targets and project goals.

  • One-Time corporate gifts are welcomed. Did you know, a company can claim tax back on any donation of over €250, as if the donation was a trading expense!
  • Payroll Giving is an easy and efficient way for your employees to support the work of Stewarts Foundation direct from their monthly salary. All modern payroll systems are capable of incorporating this donation scheme. An employee can choose how much they want to regularly donate and if they give €21 a month, their donation can have a double impact. (If you are a tax payer in Ireland and have given €250 or more to a charity in the course of a tax year, your donation(s) can be worth 45% more at no extra cost to you!)
  • Another great way to give to Stewarts Foundation is through Matched Giving. Your teams can get involved in our calendar of events or organise their own fundraising activity.
Get Involved

For more information on corporate engagement please contact:  

Jacqui McDonnell

Fundraising and Development Manager