Annual Report 2022

27 September 2023

We are delighted to launch Empowering Inclusion: Stewarts Care Annual Report 2022. This Annual Report highlights some of our key achievements and milestones for the organisation and its people in 2022. We hope you enjoy exploring the content.

On behalf of all those that benefit from our service, Stewarts Care would like to thank our partners and our team for their hard work in 2022. Throughout the year, our teams continued to empower and support those who benefit from our service and to maintain the best possible level of care. By empowering individuals with different abilities, we are supporting a more inclusive society for all.

2022 was another busy year of development and growth for Stewarts Care, with many notable achievements. One of the standout achievements for the organisation, was the awarding of a three-year international accreditation for excellence in employment supports and job development serviced by the Commission of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

We also marked the start of the organisation’s strategic plan. Our Shared Ambition: Stewarts Care Strategy (2022-2026) is an ambitious new plan that will guide our organisation towards becoming a recognised leader in health and social care, renowned for our commitment to supporting people to have enriched life experiences. Reporting on the first year of this strategic plan, we are pleased to announce that 55% of the identified actions have commenced.  We recognise the significant work ahead to implement all our strategic goals and to deliver on our mission to empower and support individuals with different abilities to have an enriched life experience based on their own decisions and life choices.

Our Annual Report also highlights the developments and progress in our Day Services and Resident Services as well as the other services we provide to the people supported by Stewarts Care including respite and independent living.

On behalf of our Board, our employees, and all those who benefit from our service, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read our Annual Report 2022 and for your ongoing support of our work. We’re looking forward to the next chapters as we continue to realise our vision: to imagine a world of choice with individuals whose dreams and aspirations have no boundaries.

Click here to download your copy of the Annual Report 2022.