Assisted Decision Making Act

28 April 2023

Stewarts Care welcomes the enactment of the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act (2015) into law this week.

The Act is about supporting decision-making and maximising a person’s capacity to make decisions and will assist in complying with human-rights obligations contained in the Constitution of Ireland, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Brendan O’Connor, Stewarts Care CEO commented,

Stewarts Care warmly welcomes the enactment of the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act. For quite some time now, our organisation has been preparing for the changes brought about by this new legislation and we are fully committed to ensuring our team understand and act upon the principles of this amended legislation. In 2022, we established an Assisted Decision Making Committee to support our teams’ education and engagement needs through providing relevant educational resources for all employees. As we look to the road ahead, we are committed to continuing to engage our employees in the importance of the Act and to maximising a person’s capacity to make decisions for themselves.

“The people we serve have always been, and will continue to be, at the very core of what we do. This commitment is firmly reflected in our mission to empower and support individuals with different abilities to have an enriched life experience based on their own decisions and life choices.”

Further information about the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act (2015) can be found on the HSE website or the Decision Support Service Website.