Why Involve Volunteers in Our Service?

We believe in the distinctive contribution that volunteers can make to our service users. Volunteers are a valuable human resource and can be involved either directly or indirectly with our service users, all of which contributes to our service delivery. Direct involvement of volunteers increases integration of our service users in a two-way stream ie. some volunteers come 'into' our service users' home and working environments and interact there, other volunteers go 'out' with our service users to the wider community. Volunteers raise awareness of our work, our aims and bring additional people and resources to us. Each volunteer has their own network of friends, families, colleagues and contacts - a positive volunteering experience is positive publicity for our service, our mission and persons with an intellectual disability.

If you'd like to volunteer with Stewarts we would be delighted to hear from you.

Visit our contact page and fill in the form and we'll come back to you as soon as possible or alternatively feel free to contact us via email at:

Email: volunteering@stewartscare.ie

Members of the Dublin Team Volunteering at the Stewarts Care Autumn Festival.