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Our Services

Stewarts Care provides long stay residential places for approximately 300 adults with varying degrees of intellectual disability.

There are 25 houses on campus and 25 houses in the wider community of Palmerstown, Lucan and North Kildare. 

Stewarts' policies underpin our practice to deliver a quality of life for all adults who reside with us. Each service user has their own Personal Support Plan (PSP) that outlines their personal goals and individual support needs.


The Adult Services team is comprised of suitably trained staff with the skills to support the service user to attain their personal goals. The Team is led by the Programme Manager and supported by a multi-disciplinary team in the delivery of care.

Families and Visitors

Families and friends are encouraged to be involved in the care of the service user through their participation in the development of their Personal Support Plan. 

Residential - Campus

Since its foundation in 1869, the core function of Stewarts Care has been the provision of residential care. The development of this service has been a continuous process. In 1982, we pioneered the establishment of purpose-built bungalows and houses for residents - a dramatic departure from the institutionalised, ward-style accommodation. This facilitated the creation of family-style living for all residents, regardless of their level of disability.

At Stewarts, we continuously strive to promote a high standard of care by implementing evidence-based best practices to achieve excellence in service provision.

It is our policy, using a multi-disciplinary approach with our service users, to help them develop life skills in order to realise their full potential. The changing pattern towards community living has enabled the organisation, through the process of continuous evaluation, to offer a range of accommodation options to our service users. In residential services we provide a variety of living facilities ranging from high to medium support accommodation. The focus of our service is to provide a homely environment, with the individuality of each service user at its core. 

Some of our recent innovations in the housing strategy include:

Supported Independent Living at Roseville:

10 single apartments have been developed on the periphery of the Palmerstown complex to support 10 service users in their move toward community living. 

Supported Independent Living at Adamstown:

Five two-bedroom apartments and one single apartment were secured by Stewarts Care through the Clúid Housing Association to facilitate 11 service users moving to their own homes in the community. This initiative has been supported by funding and training from Genio. Assessment and training have been supported using Supports Intensity Scale (SIS), SUSSI and other assessment tools. 


Residential - Community

Stewarts established its first community house in 1972, the aim being to integrate service users in a home-like environment in family sized groups and to afford them the opportunities to improve their quality of life. 

These community houses currently accommodate 103 (?) service users, with varying degrees of learning disabilities. Each service user has a work / social placement in either day activities or in sheltered / supported employment, which they attend Monday - Friday each week. 

We aim to deliver a high standard of care to all of our service users, using best practice to achieve a forward-looking service and by involving the multi-disciplinary team provide all the services necessary to achieve this goal. We provide a holistic approach through medical, clinical, religious and pastoral support. 

Family Support is an integral part of Community Services and it provides a service to 153 (?) adults, children and their families. Our aim is to provide support to the families through our various services. In essence, the scheme primarily offers 'hands on' practical assistance to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. 

The scheme offers a continuity of home support options providing relief for parents, and gives adults and children an opportunity to integrate and socialise. In order to facilitate as many families as possible, the programme is structured so that the diversity of the family's needs / circumstances can be addressed within the constraints of our resources. 

Stewarts also offers respite services to the children and adults with an intellectual disability who attend Stewarts Schools or Day Services. Respite breaks are on a rotational, planned basis with the respite committee and the family. We strive to continuously improve our quality of service, to be person-centred and to meet the diversity of need. 


Day Services

Through its involvement with the community, Stewarts has developed quality day services that meet the ongoing, changing needs of people with intellectual disabilities. Our experience of service provision, the expertise and dedication of our staff and the ongoing support given by our multidisciplinary team ensure excellence in the services we provide and development of our programmes to meet the ever-changing needs of our service users.

The aim of Stewarts Day Services is to provide a quality service to service users from Stewarts residential / community services and to those attending from their own homes. The service is cognitive of the individual needs of the clients, both in structure and delivery of service. The staffing and accommodation is of the highest quality, allowing the service users to develop their full potential physically, mentally, socially and educationally.

In recent years there have been significant changes in how day services are operated, with particular emphasis on alignment with the interests and aspirations of the person's life, and on building capabilities and competencies in a community-based environment. In its efforts to improve its approach to day services provision, Stewarts Care has reconfigured its programme to include an 'individualised home-based' programme for residents as well as a 'centre-based' programme for those living at home and in the community.