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Our Services

The Service User Council was set up in May 2011. The Service User Council was established so that our service users can have a voice in how Stewarts Care is run. The ‘Service User and Family Involvement’ (SUFI) subgroup of the ‘Care Strategy Steering Committee’ (CSSC) set up the ‘Service User Council’.

Our Voice, Our Rights, Our Choice, Our Entitlements

  • Stewarts Care Ltd. wants to make a good service better: the service is for us and what we want.  Our opinion is important, will be asked for and heard. 

The 5 areas represented are:

  • Residential
  • Community
  • Palmerstown Day Services
  • Rossecourt
  • Kilcloon


  • Elections take place every year. All service users can nominate themselves for election. 30 members are elected to the Council. Facilitators support us with the Council.


  • We have meetings every month and records are kept of Attendance; Agendas; and Minutes in ‘Easy Read’.
  • 10 representatives meet with the Chief Executive and Executive Director of Care every few months to express issues, concerns and good news from the Council and receive feedback.


  • In 2013 some of us visited Muckamore Abbey Hospital in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and they in turn came to Stewarts. We exchanged ideas and made new friends.
  • We visit the Dáil and Seanad at the end of our term of office where we are presented with Stewarts ‘Service User Council’ Certificates. 

Our Achievements So Far:

  • Health & Safety Issues - South Dublin County Council are in the process of making the road safer for us to cross at the Coach House and the Ulster Bank in Palmerstown.  Potholes around Stewarts Care grounds were filled in.
  • Cleaning of Stewarts buses..
  • Menu choices.
  • Respite for Wheelchair Service Users.
  • Other things take a bit longer but as one of our members said ‘It felt good that we were listened to’.

Contact a member of the Service User Council:

It’s a good idea to find out who your Service User Council Representatives are. You can contact one of the Representatives and let them know if you have any issues, concerns, or good news that you would like to pass on.