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Swim School Information

We firmly believe that learning to swim can be fun and have developed a comprehensive swimming programme which comprises of 10 Levels, all of which have been specifically designed to encourage children to acquire the skills necessary for swimming.

It follows a progressive syllabus with each child earning certificates as they move upwards through the levels.

The programme is available to children from 4 ½ years and older, and caters for all abilities. 

All of our Swim School instructors are fully qualified and regularly attend workshops which keep them up to date on new techniques and teaching methods.  

The following is a brief description of the different classes followed by our current schedule.   

If you would like to make a booking or speak to a member of staff please contact us on Ph: 01-6269879 or e-mail our Chldren's swim coordinator Niall Molloy at


Class Structure

Jellyfish – This group is for the new beginner. The aim is to build safety, confidence and balance in the water through games and drills. When it’s time for your child to move to the next group they should be comfortable in the water and should be able to float and started kicking on their front. 

Turtles – Your child will now improve their Front Crawl kick and start to learn the arm action. They will also be working to improve their body position on their back and start working on their leg kick.

Seals – In the seals the children now start to learn the arm action on Back Crawl & Front Crawl and start learning to breathe correctly. They will also start Breaststroke kick but more importantly they will do a lot of deep-water safety and confidence work.

Sharks - The Sharks will go through all four strokes, refining their technique, learn the different stages of diving and learn some of the basic water safety skills and techniques to prepare them for entry to our lengths classes.

Dolphins – Dolphins is an introduction to lengths swimming where the children build up strength, stamina and technique over longer distances while learning how to use the lanes and clocks.  The swimmers will also get to build on their water-safety and lifesaving skills.