Rossecourt Resource Centre

Rossecourt Resource Centre is home to a number of Day Services. These include Rossecourt Restaurant and Panini Bar, Adult Education, Day Attenders, RCTEC Programme.

The objectives of the centre are:

  • to help students identify and achieve their goals ie. PATH personal future planning.

  • to add to students' experience and knowledge e.g. in-house work experience.

  • to enable students to become more independent e.g. social outings. to develop interpersonal skills eg. regular key worker meetings, drama, group work.

  • to facilitate community participation e.g. social outings, local school participation in Adult Education activities.

Please see below programme prospectus' for more information on each day service location within Rossecourt Resource Centre.

RCTEC Programme Prospectus Panini Bar Programme Prospectus Rossecourt Restaurant Programme Prospectus Adult Education Programme Prospectus Day Attenders Programme Prospectus